Aparna Sinha  edited / authored a text book “Morbid Obesity: Anaesthesia and Perioperative Management ” that is first of its kind in the Asia Pacific”, launched on the 10th of September 2016.. (Byword Publications) She is now engaged in authoring and editing Book on Bariatric airway.

Authored “ Anesthesia for Endoscopic Repair of Abdominal Wall Hernias”  in Text book “Endoscopic Repair of Abdominal Wall Hernias” (Byword Publications)

Contributed chapter of Difficult pediatric airway to “Essentials of Paediatric Anaesthesia”

Contributed chapter on pediatric laparoscopy in Text book : Anaesthesia for laparoscopy.

Contributed chapter on anaesthesia in “Advanced Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery” Book

1.  Anaesthesia for Pediatric Laparoscopy-2006: Jaypee Publications.

2.  Guidelines (Indian College of Anesthesiologists)

1.  Perioperative pain management in pediatric patients.

2.  Perioperative fasting guidelines in pediatric patients.

2.   Anesthesia for endo-hernia repair: Hernia Book 2011

3.   Morbid Obesity: Anaesthesia and Perioperative management: Bywords Publication . September 2016